Danguole started drawing in early childhood, when she was around 5 years old. From early on she liked animals, she grew up around them. Currently she has an adopted cat and 15 dogs. She has been a dog breeder and an FCI Judge for over 20 years and she knows animal anatomy very well, which is essential for painting realistically. Aside from recreating the animals accuratelly and proportionally she also recreates their character and emotions. Her task is to show each animal's own expression and uniqueness. She thinks that the viewer must feel the emotion and it is the most important. She paints using various techniques; pastel, oil on canvas, charcoal and graphite. However in the last 6 years she became extraordinarily interested in painting with oil on paper, using dry brush technique, which is an exceptionally rare and a difficult technique requiring a lot of time to learn and master.   

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Lion Fight
Size 25"x36"
Photo reference Russ Bridges